The need to transform the name, which is already in transition on all the last year’s packaging, follows an evolutionary process that goes hand in hand with the company’s mission: to match the contemporary nature of decorative materials to a young and modern, intelligible brand at international level.

About 20 years ago the decorative market was mainly focused on “marble effect” stuccos, like the famous Venetian stucco represented by our Elite, a true point of reference among interior finishes. Over the years, various decorative effects have been added to the stuccoes: from pearlescent and iridescent like Chic and Trèsor, to rustic styles such as Sinuè and Velature, up to the latest market trends that prefer materials with natural and opaque nuances, such as the Momà and Vertigo.

This evolution needed a reflection on the brand that represents our Decorative Line in the world and that today counts 11 finishes. The name Antica Signoria seemed to us particularly linked to the effects of the 90s, when the taste of the decorations was decidedly classic and was well combined with the architectural juxtaposition of the most representative palace of ancient Florence, the Palazzo della Signoria.
The products that followed one another, helping to broaden the range over the years, required a logo that represented them in a modern key and that immediately expressed the contemporary nature of the materials and the topicality of the chromatic effects.

By replacing the name Antica Signoria with Art’e Style we managed to keep the suffix AS, now known and widespread in the various countries where we are present, but at the same time it allowed us to align ourselves in a consistent manner for style and taste with the products that we currently represent on the international market.

The payoff “DESIGN & COLOR” that accompanies it further highlights this change in style and simply expresses the desire to use color to best represent the material effects. This change represents the natural growth of a continuously improving company.

We are happy to continue to grow together with you.
Di Donato Group

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